Rohto Global

Company Overview

ROHTO Pharma India is a division of ROHTO Pharmaceutical, Co. Ltd., one of Japan’s leading Health Care companies delivering medicines, personal care and nutritional products for over 100 years.

Since its foundation in 1899, ROHTO has been a renowned and trustworthy name in Japan and many parts of the world. ROHTO ventured to India in 2010, after creating a strong hold in over 120 countries all over the world.

As a pharmaceutical company, ROHTO provides products backed by science through research. Every new product of ROHTO goes through stringent world-class research and development. This yields not only therapeutic effects but also an experience of comfort or soothing sensation to users. All of our products have been developed looking at the Indian consumer's specific needs and requirements to deliver satisfaction beyond expectation.

Up until now, ROHTO's history has been forged by pioneers with ROHTO spirit of 'commitment', 'challenge' and 'doing what most people won't' that has been passed down for generations. We constantly challenge ourselves to create new products that defy conventional wisdom and tackle issues that everyone thinks are impossible; 'doing it because it's difficult'.

Today ROHTO, together with its new slogan 'NEVER SAY NEVER', will take on a new challenge. 'NEVER SAY NEVER', in general, may translate to 'nothing is impossible', but for us, this does not simply mean 'devoting' ourselves to our work; it is a declaration that we will be prepared to overcome challenges for someone, for happiness in the end.

Our passion to create “Happiness & Innovation” in people's lives has led us to search for unmet needs of consumers in the world, and the passion remains unchanged in India. We are more inspired than ever to keep enriching people's lives in diversified Indian life styles, and will keep being committed to offer more than what we promise.