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Key ingredients:

  • Green Clay:
    Volcanic Green Clay from Argile due velay has advanced sebum control efficacy on oily acne-prone Skin. Helps convert Oily skin to Normal and refines pores.
  • Japanese Green Tea extract:
    It is an antimicrobial & antioxidant natural ingredient.
  • Holy Basil oil:
    Has superior anti acne efficacy.
  • IMP:
    It removes 99.9% of the acne causing germs(Invitro studies)
  • Licorice Root Extract :
    Reduces inflammation & soothes skin.


  • Removes excess oil.
  • Enriched with GREEN CLAY which absorbs excess sebum and converts oily skin to normal and refines pores.
  • Formula enhanced with IMP which removes 99.9% Acne causing germs from skin.
  • Formula contains natural extract of Japanese Green Tea which is loaded with polyphenols which have antioxidant as well as anti microbial properties
  • Formula is loaded with natural Licorice root extract which is helpful in reducing inflammations and have soothening effects and also prevents scar formation.
  • Formula contains Holy basil oil which has anti acne benefits.
  • Product is ‘Dermatologically tested for safety’ and is Non-irritant.