Healthy pink lips are every girl's dream. Texture and colour of your lips can reveal a lot about your health and lifestyle. Are you aware of that lips require special, extra care and you know why? Well, lips are designed with the thinnest layers of the skin and devoid of moisturizing glands, hence they tend to get dry, chapped very easily. So they need tender care of nourishment and UV protection. Taking care of your lips with the perfect product that delivers intense hydration and guards your lips against UV rays, you can flaunt your pink, luscious lips that you have always wanted. LipIce is a specialized lip care brand with an exciting range of high quality lip-care products that offers intense hydration, keeping the lips soft, fresh and healthy. This brand offers the fashionable and trendy lip-products that take care of the glamorous look and a wide selection to match your different moods and style. LipIce offers an amazing range of Sheer Colors, Colors, Glosses, Crayons and Lipbalms.

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